miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

What is Romanticism

Romanticism is not, as many people think, a dinner with red wine and roses on a balcony. A romantic person is not someone who writes poems so their loved ones.

Actually, a basic condition of romanticism requires that two person cannot meet, or even will not meet again -after falling in love with each other. It is dispair, regret, and the feeling of having lost something. Or rather not having had it.

It happened in Oslo, Norway, last Sunday. She went out of Mucho Mas, a Mexican restaurant. She asked me for a famous local bar in Norwegian, but I didn't understand. She was there with two more people (sister, mother maybe?), and started a short conversation with me. But it was cold. Of course the other two people were in a hurry. I was making jokes, she was laughing. She said with her beautiful nordic accent: ''We are from the mountains''. According to her, from a city between Oslo and Berggen. She said ''I have seen you before, right?''. I said, removing my hat, that I was Spanish, so she could not have seen me before.

It was a romantic situation because I didn't ask her for her telephone number. I could have asked her because she was open enough. But as always, they are always open when they are 'protected' by other women -they act like castle towers. Indeed, romantic tales always need a castle story.

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