viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008


Days ago I wrote an article in English as an experiment to know how many people in English-speaking countries had the ability (or interest) to log into my blog. But there was not a big increase in my visits counter.

This time I am not trying to attract more visitors or make any kind of test to the global bloggers. This time I want write about what I've always written, about politics, but in English. Why? it's important to give people some information about Spain. Our nation has always been rescued from others against our the enemies (enemies of our identity) among the years -thanks to British (see Peninsular War), Asturian (see Spain's Reconquer), and a mix of several superpowers (see the Civil War and its brigades, fascist and communist). But before continuing, we have to take into account an important fact: does Spain really matter outside? NO. I went out of work today and passed next to a press kiosk, and considering all kiosks in Madrid have international press of all countries I stopped in front of a stall, and started watching all papers' first pages. No news of the blast in Legutiano last thursday morning. No nothing even on French diaries. But does Spain really matter inside? NO, again. It's a pitty, but Spaniards don't really care about the situation in their country, as they only look after themselves and guide their vote after family tradition, not after reflection.

But life has many more marvellous things than politics. Unfortunately, since not many care about politics and we don't read newspapers as other European peoples, sometimes I feel that I am one of a few to mind about the country's problems and hence I am the only one who suffers from them.

Why am I suffering tonight? well, I want to enjoy this Friday, but next wednesday I am doing an exam for economics, and I have to study hard. Moreover, a journalist asked Zapatero today if he was planning to sign a deal with PP, the opposition party, not to negociate with ETA anymore. What did Zapatero answer? what do you guys think? the president who promised money, money and more money to household wives and lazy students said there was no need to make a deal -just to have trust on him as all groups (including ERC), showed on the Congress.

And people keep drinking, debating about soccer and downloading music...

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Anónimo dijo...

¡Haces bien escribiendo en inglés lo que casi no se escribe ni en español... suerte con tus nuevos lectores!XS

Anónimo dijo...

Como una regadera... te van a catear amigo.
En fin, me voy a tomar una cerveza que esta tarde voy al fubol, ah! pero antes he de descargarme unos temitas.
Vale luego iré a misa para purgar mis pecados.

Falete dijo...

Algo molesta...

¡Y otra de gambas!

Silvia dijo...

Oh, my Got!!!! Como de inglés, entender, lo que se dice entender, muy poco, he tenido que llevarlo a traducir al traductor del Microsoft Word, que no traduce muy bien, pero de algo me enteré. Sinceramente no me gusta mucho la política, tal vez sea porque a veces no la entiendo y otras veces la entiendo y no veo mas que mentiras o injusticias. Los políticos me caen fatal, pero como no me gusta discutir de política... En fin, cada uno tiene sus gustos.
Muchas gracias por el comentario, las puertas de mi blog están abiertas para cuando quieras.
Por cierto, suerte en el examen.

Silvia dijo...

La foto de la farola no es mia, la cogí en imagenes google como todas.
Nunca he dormido una noche entera en la calle, solo estar hasta tarde pero nada mas, aunque muchas veces lo he pensado...
Gracias por lo de ojo precioso jajaja.