sábado, 19 de abril de 2008


Weeks ago, a famous Spanish journalist -some people say he's been the best and more relevant in the last 20 years- talked about the mix of languages that he liked when making love with his many lovers. Pedro J. Ramírez used this instance to explain the advantages of a good command of foreign languages, which allows the speaker to be more open-minded and express himself with fluency.

Now, I have realized about something pretty interesting. Days ago I downloaded a blogger program, which is known as cluster-map, that gives data about the visits that a blog receives in a period of time (the period of time the map's been uploaded). The thing is that this map, my map, in a month or more, has got more than 30 visit from all aroung the World, and ALL of them are in Western countries. Actually, the most Eastern visit comes from Berlin (the Western's comes from the USA). No visits from Africa, or Asia, including Australia and all those islands conquered upon by Europe. My exercise today, or my experiment, related to George Steiner's theory, is going to be about this: I will try to know if by writing this entry in English, I will get more visits from English-speaking countries.

So far I have seen this happening in some blogs like Intoku's, who has a map with visit spots from all the continents -excepting Africa, where people seem not to like blogs (or simply not having Internet access).

Let's try if this will get more visits from now on, and maybe writing the next words (the most searched words online: patatas bravas, youtube, concert, etc.) shall I become a famous Spanish blogger.

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ChusdB dijo...

A mí también me sorprende ver la procedencia de mis visitas... no tantas como tú, pero hasta de India. la clave está en ver el tiempo que están en tu blog y el nº de páginas visitadas. Pero está bien que combines idiomas en tus entradas. quizás puedas llegar a lo que anhelas sin tener que escribir las más buscadas palabras a la que haces referencia!

Falete dijo...

No Chus, no me sorprende la procedencia de mis visitas, lo que me sorprende es que solo sean de Occidente!

Tampoco he dicho nada de que tenga muchas, siguen siendo solo 300 al mes.

Ah! y cerrando el blog no llegaré nunca a lo que anhelo!